Sirius CMS

Press oriented headless CMS built in with Le Monde newsroom leaders. Track entire articles production and plan cross-channels publications.

Le Monde
Courrier International
Le Temps

Digital newsroom for editorial team

Scheduler dashboard

Plan editions contents and track entire articles production.

Content lifecycle workflow

Customizable article workflow that match your needs.

Cross-channels publication

Publish on web, print, apps, newsletters, social networks, etc...

Assignment desk

Assign tasks to your teams to enrich and edit articles.


Sirius statistics since 2014...

Written articles
Print editions published
Newsletters sent
Journalist accounts
Availability service
Product team members

Empower journalists

Sirius editor
Edition tools
  • Full page like ergonomic editor

  • Drag-and-drop images, tweets and more than 1200 embed in articles

  • Spell checker and auto apply typographic rules

  • Preview on all devices

Optimized process
  • Privacy: create private draft and lock article edition

  • Stay alert: receive news and images from news agencies in real-time

  • Follow-up updates and lifecycles with article version history

Cover live events
  • Animate live article

  • Re-use reader contributions with built-in moderation tool

  • Edit together in real-time

  • Publish rich posts with images, citations, user contributions, tweets...

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Designed for developers

Easy and powerful GraphQL API

Everything is exposed in GraphQL API. Query all your contents and interact with Sirius efficiently.


Receive Sirius events through Webhook or GCP Pub/Sub to implement custom workflows.

Newsletter editor

Create newsletters directly in Sirius using GraphQL / Handlebars and JavaScript.


Integrate rich contents into your article with a powerful built-in editor.

Sirius Live

Cover live events

Animate live thread to provide real-time experience.

Connect with your audience

Receive and re-use users live reactions and hashtags related tweets.

Work with smooth collaboration

Work together with live collaboration that keeps you in the loop.

Add rich contents

Publish images, videos, tweets and more than 1200 embed in your posts.

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Other tools


First party data collector and machine learning platform. Engage your audience, boost conversions and improve clients retention.

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Detect account sharing that exceeds policy limits. Stop fraudulent subscriptions and increase your revenue stream.

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