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Designed by journalists for journalists. Sirius is the easiest way to manage the production and distribution of content across digital and print editions.

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Headless Press CMS

Manage content creation and distribution from an idea to the front page.
Designed for journalists

Create rich contents

Sirius provides a unique article edition experience with all-in-one editor with intuitive drag & drop and panel system. Write, optimize and publish on all your platforms without leaving your editor.

Collaboration First

Streamline your workflow

Make your content follow your own workflow. Write, correct, edit, assign tasks to users or roles. Collaboration inside your redaction has never been easier.

Editorial monitoring

Supervise your editorial production

Manage all your editorial production, distribute them at the right time on the right place with the good pricing model. Ask specific content to your editorial staff.

Editorial Supervisor
Drag & drop editor

Animate your sections

Sirius provides a unique experience to animate contents on on all your platforms. Animate all pages of your website by a simple drag & drop.

Section Editor
Integrated editor

Highlight your content in newsletters

Get closer to your audience through email marketing by creating automated and manual newsletters. Sirius integrates with MailChimp, Selligent and all newsletters diffusion platforms.

Newsletter Editor
Live reporting

Engage with your users

Engage with your readers with a totally new content experience. Give them live updates, field reporting or event coverage. Interact with them with real time contributions in Sirius.

Live Editor

Forecast Data Platform

Collect data to optimize content diffusion and enhance your reader experience.
Real-time insights

Optimize content diffusion

Get real time insights from Forecast to maximize the exposure of your contents on all platforms.

Data Insights
Boost conversions

Enhance your readers experience

Use Forecast data to engage your audience, boost your conversions, and improve retention.

Reader Experience
Reduce churn

Improve your marketing strategy

Target potential churners or subscribers with content or offers that are relevant to them.

Marketing Strategy

Subscription Capping

Prevent subscribers from sharing their account, an opportunity to drive growth.
Fraud detection

Secure your users

Capping guarantees better security for your premium content and provides you with a very effective means of upselling, both for your B2B and B2C offers.

User Capping
Anti copy-paste

Protect your premium contents

Protect your premium content from being copied and pasted. Secure the value of your best contents.

Anti copy-paste

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